Eastern Zone Swimming

DRAFT Pending Approval at the May 2005 Eastern Zone Meeting

Orlando, FL
SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2004


The meeting was brought to order at 8:00 a.m., by our Zone Directors Kerry Ellett and Pete Gannon.


The minutes of the Maine meeting were approved with the clarification of the following: Any swimmer, who has been to a Sectional Meet (anywhere), cannot swim at the Short Course Zone Meet. Any swimmer who has an Eastern Zone Sectional Cut for an event and has not gone to a Sectional Meet may go to a Zone Meet, but may not swim that event that he or she has an Eastern zone sectional cut in. This will be put into the Zone Rules and Regulations. (This goes back to day 1 in 2001).

Financial Report:

Cash on hand as of Sept. 7, 2004 $888.98
Anticipated expenses - refund to Star $350.00
Certificates for spring meet 180.00
Mailing pins & certificates 25.00
Funding athlete to May meeting ?
Printing financial report for convention 6.42
Misc. printing etc. for convention for
Zone Director - Kerry Ellett 29.22

Expected Income
Dues $1625.00

Actual amount in bank 9/24/04 853.34

A motion was made and seconded to make the dues for 2004 - 2005, $125.00 per LSC. An e-mail bill will be sent to each treasurer in each LSC listed in the USA Swimming Directory.

The Agenda was approved.

Sue Anderson was thanked for her Zone Service. She will be moving on to a new position with USA Swimming. Ira Klein will be taking her place as Director of Field Services and Eastern Zone Coordinator.

The following people have been hired by USA swimming for the following positions:
Mick Nelson - Director of Club Facilities, Sue Nelson - Aquatics Programming Specialist, John McIlhargy - Director of Aquatics Industry Relations. The USA swimming website has the info on things these people are going to be doing. Bob Steele and Jon Urbanchek are our new Master Coach Consultants.

Eastern Zone Olympic Team Members - Athens - August 2004

Greg Eggert said Athens was a great experience. He wanted to recognize the following swimmers, from the Eastern Zone, that were on the Olympic Team in Athens.

Michael Phelps - North Baltimore Aquatic Club - Coach Bob Bowman
Katie Hoff - North Baltimore Aquatic Club - Coach Paul Yetter
Ian Crocker - Portland Porpoise Swim Club - Coach Sharon Power
Scott Goldblatt - Berkely Aquatic Club - Coach Jim Wood
Erik Vendt - Ocean State Squids - Coach Josh Stern
Brendan Hansen - Suburban Swim Club - Coach Charlie Kennedy
Jenny Thompson - Seacoast Swimming Assn., - Coach Mike Parratto, and Badger Swim Club - Coach John Collins
Olympic Men's Team Coaches. Head Coach Eddie Reese, Assistant Coaches - Bob Bowman, Dave Salo, and Jon Urbanchek
Olympic Women's Team Coaches. Head Coach Mark Schubert, Assistant Coaches - Frank Busch, Teri McKeever, and Richard Quick.


Eastern Zone Paralympian Team Members - Athens - September 2004

Jessica Long - Baltimore, Maryland
Toni Davis - New Carrollton, Maryland
Deb Green - Hamden, Connecticut
Michael Prout - West Springfield, Mass.
Travis Mohr - Allentown, Pa.

Nominations for Officers
Eastern Zone Director - Coach

Ed Dellert - NJ - Head Coach of Jersey Gators for many years, involved with his LSC for many years, involved in the Zone for many years, and has been the Zone Technical Chair for the past three years.

Ellen Johnston - CT - Head Coach of Wesport YMCA for many years. Involved with her LSC for many years. Member of Senior Swimming Committee - USA Swimming. Has many years of service. Would like to offer a reasonable voice to the board and get communication back to the Zone.

Sharon Power - ME - Head Coach of Portland Porpoise Swim Club. National Development Swim Coach. Coached Ian Crocker. Has coached in three countries. Canada, Australia, and here in the U.S.. Has been involved in leadership roles in Canada and here in the U.S.. Would like the opportunity to serve the Zone.

Age Group Planning - Non-Coach

Patric Mills - MA - currently in the position - running unopposed.

Secretary - Treasurer

Isabelle Fraser

Program Development Vice President

Leanne Spletzer - running unopposed. Held this position for four years. Mike Lawrence resigned from this position and is taking over the OIO chair responsibilities.

Technical Vice President

Jim Wood is running for this position. Murry Stephens is the outgoing coach.

USA Swimming Treasurer

Peter Carney and Bob Eisele are running.

2005 Eastern Zone All-Star Meet -- George Breen stated that Middle Atlantic would like to run the meet at GCIT to replace Niagara Swimming (STAR) who could not accept the meet award made in May. The pool will be in good 2005 Eastern Zone All-Star Meet cont'd shape for the meet. A number of things would be revamped over the next six months. The meet would be Mar. 31st - Apr. 2, 2005. The Zone agreed to this award.

Section Meetings - Southern and Northern Sections will each have their own meet in the spring and then run a combined meet in the summer. Both spring meets are open. The info for both will be the same. There will be a bonus heat. If a swimmer makes one event, he or she can swim another event, make two, and can swim two events. Need time standards for the sprint relays.

Officials -- Jamy Pfister - EZ Officials Chair, stated that there are 590 National Officials. There are 113 National Championship Officials. All must be registered USA Swimming members.
Frank Ching - National Officials Chair - stated that the Maxwell Award, started in 2000 is the only award for local LSC officials. It is awarded to six officials each year. Please send candidates names to Frank. Priscilla Davis of New England, and Ron Whalen of Potomac Valley are amongst this year's award winners.

Meet Coordination Chair --
John Hirschmann - looking for bids for future meets
No bids for Northern Sectionals for spring 2006
No bids for Southern Sectionals for spring 2006
No bids for the Short Course E.Z. Zone Meet for spring 2006
Super Sectional Summer meet - Star Swimming - Niagara - July 20 - 23, 2006
Eastern Zone Summer Long Course Meet - Star Swimming - Niagara - Aug. 9-12, 2006
. In the absence of additional bids for the Long Course meets, the bids were accepted by acclimation.
It was brought up that maybe USA Swimming could help us find pools. New England will explore getting into MIT in Boston.

Officers Report Pete Gannon reported that we have a new shield as the USA Swimming Logo. The new USA Swimming website is up and running and is user designed. We have new ballots for our elections. USA Foundation - 1st Golden Goggle Award Dinner will be held on Nov. 15, 2004 in New York. Current and Former Olympians will be in attendance. Tables are available. Contact Rowdy Gaines. We held a great Olympic Trials in Long Beach, CA. The Venue was outstanding. There were 10,000 spectators each evening.

No Athlete Report

Technical Planning Report Ed Dellert stated that the spring sectional time standards of events for spring and summer sectionals will be available before the end of October and will be posted on the Eastern Zone Web Site. The sprint relays for the spring meets will be run as follows: 200 Medley the 1st event on Saturday, and the 200 free the first event on Sunday. Medley time standards will be off the 400 Medley Relay. Ed stated he would like to have a site selection committee - with at least five people - three from the North and two from the south. The following people are on the committee - Kip Hein - MA, Chris Branch - ME, Marci Callan - NI, Ray Grant - NE, John Hirschmann - PV, Jason Paige - CT. Ray Grant was elected Chairman. These people will be working on securing pools for 2006.

Meet Coordination - Chesapeake Bay Aquatic Club (CBACswimming.org) will be running the Super Sectional Summer Meet at St. Mary's College, near Lexington Park in St. Mary's Co., Maryland.

The pool will be open Jan. 1, 2005. There is spectator seating for 400 plus approximately 250 additional seats. The timing system will be Daktronics. They have contracts for 450 hotel rooms within 10 to 15 minutes from the campus. There will also be campus housing. They are working on availability of another 200 rooms, and there will be bed and breakfasts available. They have also contacted 31 restaurants in the area.

John Hirschmann recommended that in the absence of bids for the Short Course meets, that the Zone approve the dates for these meets so the LSC's in the Zone can develop their 2005-06 SC schedule before May. The following were agreed to:
North Sectionals - March 9 - 12, 2006
South Sectionals - March 16 - 19, 2006
E. Zone Spring Meet - March 30 - April 1, 2006
George Breen bought up the issue of money. Pools cost money to rent. We need to address whether we are charging enough to each LSC to make running meets worthwhile for LSC's or Clubs. It was suggested that info on this should be given to each LSC General Chair by Dec, 1, 2004.

Bob Brown and Mike Saltzstein stopped in to say hello. Both are running for Program Operations Committees Vice President.

An Election Committee was set up to count ballots. They are: Chuck Jacobs - Coach, Bonnie Fujita - Athlete and Bea Hartigan - member. The Senior Zone Director casts one ballot before the general body votes in case of a tie, and it is kept by the Zone Director and only used if needed.
Patric Mills - Age Group Planning non-coach
Isabelle Fraser - Secretary-Treasurer
Ed Dellert - Zone Director - coach
Elected by the athletes - Robbie Fischetti - VA - attending the University of Florida.
A motion was made and seconded to destroy the ballots.

National Committee Reports

Adapted Committee - Leanne Spletzer stated the Disability Meet will be held June 9 - 11, 2005 in Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota. There will be a novice division (developmental level) 11-18 added, with no cuts. The athletes will be classified at the meet. Their events will be mixed into the normal meet. This will be followed by a disability camp. Details on this will come out later.

Age Group Planning - Ward Foley said he needs the names of all the Age Group Chairs in our LSC's. They are planning a workshop in Colorado Springs in April or May.

Awards Committee - nominations for awards are good for five years. If you have nominated someone and the time is up, renominate then if you would like.

Communications Committee - Ed Dellert - Held a "Best Practices" workshop for LSC webmasters. Had 77 people attend. Lots of good ideas. Then held a second workshop for more advanced websites, and had 33 people attend.

Education Committee - Patric Mills stated they had many workshops. The first timers had about 80 people and is always very informative. The "Athlete Tools to be Successful" workshop had attendees create board games to success. Patric thanked the following people for helping on this panel. Greg Eggert - Moderator, Dick Shoulberg, Cherita Gentilucci, Tom Wilkens, Randall Bal and a few others.

Safety Education - Eric Fucito stated that they had a Risk Management workshop with Wayne Mitchell, former Safety Director for the Disney Properties. They ran a Safety Training Course at Convention. Anyone can participate in it. The Report of Occurrence form has been changed and will be made available. The American Red Cross and USA Swimming have made a swimming and diving video. It will be available on the ARC website. The DVD will be $90.00, but a VHS format will be available. The Coaches Safety Training new course is on hold until more research is done on it. When the new course does come out, coaches will take it when their current course expires. The ARC and Heart Association are doing research on CPR and will be changing that curriculum as well. Greg Eggert thanked Eric for writing a new Safety and Warm-up Guidelines Booklet. He also thanked Sue Anderson for her help with it.

Open Water - Sid Cassidy - A task force has been set up to have Domestic and International group work together, to become the best in the world. Camps were picked off of pool times - spring selection meet - 2 men and 2 women in the 1500 and the 800. The others were from the Ft. Myers meet.

Club Development - Mike Seip - There will be a club recognition program partnered with the club excellence program. It will be a voluntary program and there will be four different levels.

Registration Committee - Cherita Gentilucci stated there would be a Registration Workshop the middle of April 2005 in Tampa.

Disability Records Coordinator - Bea Hartigan stated that records for all three courses - short course yards, short course meters, and long course meters are posted on the USA Swimming website, along with the history as well.

Outreach - Peter Maloney stated that they hope to have Outreach Camps reinstated. Thirteen applications were received for the slots in the normal camps, and six were awarded.

Rules - Arvydas Barzdukas - stated there was nothing controversial this year. If you do want to change something - know what you want to change. The lines are numbered - so be ready with what you want to strike out and what you want to insert.

Officials - Jamy Pfister - is tracking all the Officials for the Eastern Zone. Metro and New England need to get expiration dates for their officials to Jamy.

New Business

Jamy Pfister would like to buy zone pins for LSC's, clubs etc. to purchase. A motion was made and seconded to allow Jamy to purchase a limited number of pins. The zone will give her $250. to start, and she will look after this for two years. She will let the zone know when these become available. They can be used as fundraisers if that is what the LSC wants to do.

Sue Anderson stated there would be three Club leadership and business Management Seminars. For a new club - it is required that they send a coach and two board members. The Seminars are to be held at the following locations:

Richmond, Virginia Sept. 25, 2004
Rochester, New York Oct. 2, 2004
Cherry Hill, New Jersey - Oct. 14 & 15, 2004
See the USA Swimming website for all the details.

She also said that it would be helpful to know of any potential problems with a new club before they attended a seminar.

Sue said there would be a new club portal & profile project beginning. This would pull out the main club info and put it on the USA Swimming website. A letter will be sent out to all clubs explaining how this will be done.

Rules and Regulation changes.

Appendix K - Eastern Zone Officials Chair - Duties and Responsibilities
A motion was made and seconded to change the paragraphs as follows:

Participate as a member of the Zone Meet Coordination committee in the approval of the Eastern Zone Speedo Championship Series Meet Referee. Attend the Eastern Zone Championship, and or Speedo Championship Series Meets, whenever possible, in order to conduct officials meetings……

A motion was made and seconded to add the following paragraph to Zone Regulations under 9.0 Miscellaneous. It will read: 9.6 All fines and protest fees collected at an Eastern Zone Championship or Speedo Championship Series Meet will be put into the Eastern Zone Treasury general fund.

Awards -- Three Eastern Zone Service Awards were given out. The following were the recipients: Arvydas Barzdukas, Greg Eggert, and Isabelle Fraser. The presentations were interesting and fun.

Ward Foley thanked Kerry Reed Ellett for his years of service to the zone and he was presented with a new hat


Spring Meeting will be held in Newark, New Jersey on May 7, 2005.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:20.

Respectfully submitted,

Isabelle Fraser

Attendance - Sept, 16, 2004
Adirondack - Sarah Yan, Aimee Catroppa, Kim Crounse, JoAnn Faucett
Allegheny Mountain - Jamy Pfister, Jay Pfister, John Lynch, Tyler Scheid, Ray Toomey, Peter Barry, Mike Bowman
Connecticut - Bill Krumm, Jeffrey Allen, Jason Paige, Sue Lecza, Peter Boucher, Eryn Crane, Meg Whitaker, Kayleigh Boucher, Leanne Spletzer, Ellen Johnston, Judy Snow, Margaret Donofrio
Maine - Bonnie Alcaide, Sharon Power, Jim Willis, Chris Branch
Maryland - Jamie Cahn, Pat Kaplan, Kim Easterday, Sheryl Lepisto, Linda Sue Lottes, Tom Yetter, John Ferrari, Davie Collier, Chuck Jacobs, Chris Pulley
Metropolitan - Mary Ann Senecal, Bea Hartigan, Gil Smith, Mary Fleckenstein, Monique Grayson, Ryan Emanuel, Anthony Mironov
Middle Atlantic - Patric Mills, Fred Killian, Cherita Gentilucci, John Carroll, Sid Cassidy, Dale Petranech, Mike Seip, Kip Hein, Mike Gobrecht, Erin Fischer, Dave Carson, George Breen, Dick Shoulberg
New England - Ray Grant Sr., Ray Grant Jr., Mary Riddell, Kathryn Oates-Dacey, Mike Parratto, Bob Gauvin, Frank Ching, Priscilla Davis
New Jersey - Roger Ridenour, Stephanie Crofton, Greg Eggert, Jim O'Neill, Jim Sheehan, Jon Siegel, Eric Fucito, Bud Rimbault, Jordan Crosby, Bonnie Fujita, Ed Dellert, Kevin Devine
Niagara - Marci Callan, Frances Klier, Barbara Paradis, Sarah Takas, Chuck ?, James Bowen Jr., Carly Callan, Laura Powalski, David Finger, Gary Karl
Potomac Valley - John Hirschmann, Ethan Basset, Greg York, Bill Stephens, Aryvdas Barzdukas, Boots Hall, Jim Garner, Ronald Whalen, Don Riedlinger, Ward Foley
Virginia - George Homewood, Bryan Pinkston, Lauren Fraley, James Wolfle, Louise Limerick, Mary Turner, Dianne Limerick, Walter Smith, Terry Randolph, Peter Maloney, Robbie Fischetti
Board Members - Kerry Reed Ellett, Peter Gannon, Isabelle Fraser
National Office - Sue Anderson, Ira Klein

Attendance - Sept. 17, 2004
Adirondack - Sarah Yan, Aimee Catroppa, JoAnn Faucett, Kim Crounse
Allegheny Mountain - Jamy Pfister, John Lynch, Tyler Scheid, Ray Toomey, Peter Barry, Mike Bowman
Connecticut - Judy Snow, Eryn Crane, Kayleigh Boucher, Meg Whitaker, Peter Boucher, Susan Lecza, Jeff Allen, Leanne Spletzer, Margaret Donofrio, Ellen Johnston, Bill Krumm, Jason Paige
Maine - Sharon Power, Chris Branch, Bonnie Alcaide, Jim Willis
Maryland - Chuck Jacobs, John Ferrari, Sheryl Lepisto, Jamie Cahn, Pat Kaplan, Kim Easterday, Linda Sue Lottes, David Collier
Metropolitan - Gil Smith, Monique Grayson, Mary Fleckenstein, Bea Hartigan, Eddie Lary, Mary Ann Senecal, Ryan Emanuel, Anthony Mironov
New England - Mary Riddell, Ray Grant Jr., Kathryn Oates-Dacey, Ray Grant Sr., Mike Parratto, Bob Gauvin, Priscilla Davis, Frank Ching
New Jersey - Gregory Eggert, Kevin Devine, Jordan Crosby, Bonnie Fujita, Jim Sheehan, Roger Ridenour, Stephanie Crofton, Jon Siegel, Bud Rimbault, Ed Dellert, Eric Fucito
Middle Atlantic - Cherita Gentilucci, Erin Fischer, Kip Hein, John Carroll, Fred Killian, Mike Gobrecht, Dale Petranech, Mike Siep, George Breen, Patric Mills, Sid Cassidy, Dick Shoulberg, Dave Cartson
Niagara - Barbara Paradis, Frances Klier, Sarah Takas, David Finger, Marci Callan, Jim Bowen, Laura Powalski, Carly Callan, Gary Karl
Potomac Valley - John Hirschmann, Ron Whalen, Don Riedlinger, Boots Hall, Arvydas Barzdukas, Bill Stephens, Ethan Bassett, Jim Garner, Greg York, Ward Foley
Virginia - George Homewood, Mary Turner, Terry Randolph, James Wolfle, Louise Limerick, Dianne Limerick, Robbie Fischetti, Peter Maloney, Lauren Fraley, Bryan Pinkston, Walter Smith
Board Members - Kerry Reed Ellett, Peter Gannon, Isabelle Fraser
National Office - Sue Anderson, Ira Klein