Eastern Zone Swimming

As APPROVED at the May 2004 Eastern Zone Meeting

San Diego, CA
SEPTEMBER 11-12, 2003


The meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m. by Dave Carson and Kerry Ellett - Zone Directors.

The minutes of the May meeting were approved.

The financial report was given and approved. We have $694.33 in the bank. Since Convention in September, dues have been received from AM, AD, MA, ME and NJ. We have four more LSC's to send in dues. CT, MD, NE, and NI.

The Agenda was approved with the addition of Maine giving a report on the May meeting.

Eastern Zone Director - Non Coach
Greg Eggert - NJ, Pete Gannon - AM, John Hirschmann - PV, and Jane Katz - MR, are running for the position.
Ed Dellert - NJ (elected unanimously)
Ward Foley - PV, Bill Krumm - CT, Kip Hein - MA are running.

Each candidate had a few minutes to speak to the zone.
Zone Director
Greg Eggert - New Jersey - many years of service to USA Swimming. Wants to help solve problems for LSC's. Wants to promote USA Swimming, and look for as many opportunities as possible for swimmers to excel at the highest level.
Pete Gannon - Allegheny Mountain - many years of service in the sport. Wants to represent this body for us at the National level. Will give the BOD the Eastern Zone opinions. Is not afraid of progress or change and feels he will represent us well.
John Hirschmann - Potomac Valley - many years of service in the sport as well. Complimented the zone on having four people running for this position. He is a good communicator - is the zone webmaster, and is good with technical issues. He has long term goals.
Jane Katz - was asked to speak but was not in attendance.

Age Group Planning
Kip Hein - Middle Atlantic - has been involved with the zone for seven years. Head coach of the Middle Atlantic zone team for the last two years. Would like to help make age group swimming better.
Ward Foley - Potomac Valley - this is his 10th convention. Has spent 20 years as a coach. Has gone back to age group coaching and loves it.
Bill Krumm - Connecticut - has been an age group coach for 23 years. He has been involved in the development of age group swimming in Connecticut for many years.

Summer Long Course Meet - Pittsburgh - August 2003. Pete Gannon said the meet was very successful. There were good times. There were 4201 individual entries, 537 relay entries, for a total of 4738. There were a few problems with the time line. They had to move finals back to 7:00 p.m.. There were 25 new records, and 1 new NAG record for 11-12 boys. The 50 free - Greg Pelton - CT. Virginia won, men's, women's, and combined.

2004 Short Course Zone Meet -George Mason University in Manassas, Virginia. Dates of meet are April 1, 2, & 3, 2004. Deadline for entries will be March 24th, 2004. Meet, hotel, dining etc., is now on the Virginia website. There will be a separate entry form for swimmers with disabilities. They will need guidelines from the entering LSC's on how to provide for the athletes - These will be on the entry form. Each LSC can send up to 4 swimmers. 2 in the 12 and under category and 2 in the older age group. Each swimmer may swim 6 events - the same as the other swimmers. They are looking for officials from all LSC's.

Meet info will be sent to those people who signed the sheet at convention (one from each LSC), and also is on the Eastern Zone website.

2004 Long Course Zone Meet - August 11-14th in Buffalo at two pools, and the Open Water meet will be August 15th, 2004. SITE SELECTION

Zone short course meet - 2005 - postponed until May 2004 due to no bids.

Zone long course meet - 2005. Must end no later than the second Saturday in August. The meet was awarded to STAR Swimming and will be held August 10 - 13, 2005 in Buffalo. Two sites will be used. University of Buffalo in Amherst, N.Y., and Erie Community College in Buffalo. Finals will be held at Erie Community College. The Open Water Championships will be Sunday August 14, 2004.

Ed Dellert will create a task force to work on some perceived problems with the short course meet as a couple of LSC's are not going to participate this year. There will be a Technical Planning Committee meeting tomorrow morning - Sept. 12th in Palm Court. Will go over guidelines for cuts and a few event changes. This summers long course meet was too long for a one pool venue so new time standards have to be introduced if the meet in going to be in one pool only.

Comments from people on reasons for not attending the short course meet.
Maryland - Feel the swimmers just want to party and do not go to swim fast.
New England - this is an internal problem - the NE Coaches do not support the meet in general. The 12 and under age groups are competitive - the older swimmers do not want to go.
Adirondack - Jo Ann Faucett says they have been involved in the short course meet for 17 years. She feels that people would rather go to the short course meet, as they can go on vacation in the summer.
Middle Atlantic - George Breen - has been involved since the zone meets started. Eastern Zone started this meet before anything else started in the country. Long Course came later. The two people from each LSC was to be fair to all LSC's to have a chance. He feels the outfitting has gotten out of hand. He feels the meet should be kept together with or without all the LSC's. He also feels that the little people pay most of the different LSC's travel funds with their dues, and this is returning some of that money to them.
Leanne Spletzer - the Eastern Zone has two meetings a year, and two meets a year. This is unique and she feels it should stay that way.
Tom Wilkens (Olympian) - felt that the short course zone meet was huge in his development. He went at 11 years old. He had to learn how to behave at these meets so he could swim fast anyway. He learned how to compete. He did not win at short course zones. Most of the athletes that went to winter zones really liked the meet, and for many it was their first travel meet.
Diana Hurst - Zone Athlete Representative - she went four times and had a great time.
Murray Stephens - Maryland - feels we should be talking about Sectionals and not Age Group swimming.
Ed Dellert - we are just looking to improve meets.

Buffalo - Andy Lehner - meet went well. They had 650 swimmers. Had some trial cuts. Time trials ran orderly.
Maryland - Chad Cradock - They had 400 swimmers. 1200 splashes. The athletes swam well. The meet was outdoors and the weather was good.

Dates for 2004 - Northern Section - Long Island - Nassau County - March 11, 12, 13 & 14, 2004. This will be long course.

Southern Section - CUBU - University of Maryland, College Park - long course. Mar. 25, 26, 27 and 28. 2004.

Summer long course 2004. Buffalo - Erie Community College - July 22, 23, 24 & 25, 2004. This will be one meet for the Zone.

Bids for Short and Long Course 2005 Sectionals - postponed until tomorrows meeting.

Leanne Spletzer thanked the Zone for the 2002 Zone Service Award - which was given to her at our May meeting but she was not in attendance.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m., and will reconvene tomorrow at 3:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order Sept. 12th at 3:30 p.m. by Dave Carson and Kerry Ellett - Zone Directors.

Sue Anderson was presented with a cap to: "Goddess who walks on water".

Sectionals spring 2004 - Both meets will be open to all registered USA Swimmers. The order of events will be the same as previously swum in each section. Technical proposed that the time standards for both sections be the same. The Zone was reminded that when time standards were set in 2003, it was agreed in at least one section that they would not be changed for two years. Accordingly, a proposal to make the QT's for both Sectionals identical was defeated. Both meets will be long course.
Meet director for the Northern section - Ginny Nussbaum [email protected]
Meet director for the Southern section - Kit Mathews [email protected]
Summer super Sectional 2004- Buffalo - July 22-25, 2004. Hosted by STAR Swimming
Long course - Qualifying times - faster of combined Sectional times in all events except the 400 IM., 800 free, and the 1500 free which will be the slower of the combined times. There will be no bonus events. This will be a meet closed to the Eastern Zone. For order of events (where there are currently differences), distance events will be swum as previously swum in Southern Sectionals, 200 fly will be on Sat. as in Northern Sectionals.

A motion was made and seconded to leave bonus events in all Sectional Meets. Discussion. It was felt that the meet would be too long. Ginny Nussbaum said we could run a flighted meet. This motion was withdrawn.

Zone Meet - long course - The time standards will be reviewed and if necessary adjusted to the 64th place. No QT's will be made slower. It was suggested that for a meet with one pool only, the 11-12's could be moved into the a.m., and the 10 & Unders would be alone in the p.m..

Southern Speedo Championship Series - George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia Campus - March 17-20, 2005. Hosted by VA LSC.
Nothern Speedo Championships Series - Nassau County Aquatic Center, East Meadow, Long Island March 10-13, 2005.

Maryland - St. Mary's College, St. Mary's City, MD - new pool - spectator seating for 350-450. Can bring in portable seating. Eight major hotels in the area plus could have lodging at the college. Should be completed by late spring - early summer 2004. An open water venue is also possible. Date to be determined.

Jim Wood stated that at the spring sectional meets coaches should be asked how they want the meet to run. He suggested that they have the meeting the same day as the General Meeting for the two spring sectionals meets so all have input if they want to.

The meeting will be held in Portland on May 7, 2004. Sharon Powers asked if anyone was interested in a boat cruise following the meeting. If there is any interest she will plan it. She will get e-mail out closer to the date, and if interested get back to her.

ATHLETES REPORT Diana Hurst - VA - stated that the zone meet was much too long this summer. She said that the Sectional Meets were very popular this year. She needs swimmers e-mail addresses to be able to help them with any concerns they have. Her e-mail address is: [email protected]. Please contact her if you have any ideas.

Sue Anderson stated that new clubs in 2004 are required to take the Business Management and Club Leadership Seminar. Older clubs can and should participate. They would like more than one person per LSC to attend. The coach and at least one Board Member.
Dates: October 16-17 - 2 three hour sessions from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. in Cherry Hill, N.J. Cherita Gentilucci-MA Office can put you in touch with Sue Davis & Peter Daland. There is no Charge for this. Visit the following website - http://www.swimclinic.com and you can use the registration form provided.
October 18th - Yale University, New Haven, Ct. - Nan Cooper - http://www.ctswim.org. and register here if you want to.
Nov. 11 & 12, 2003 - Allegheny Mountain. No site yet. Contact Sue for info-[email protected]

An election committee was put in place to count ballots. Louise Limerick - Non Coach, Isabelle Fraser - Coach, Diana Hurst - Athlete. A motion was made, seconded and passed to give the number count on the ballots if there was no absolute majority on the 1st ballot. Results of Elections: On the second ballot. Pete Gannon - Eastern Zone Director - Non Coach, Ward Foley - Age Group Planning Representative - Coach. A motion was made seconded and passed to destroy the ballots.

 Jim Wood stated that the athlete selection procedure is on the USA swimming website.
The USA Olympic Team trials are July 7-14th in Long Beach, California.
The Olympic Games are Aug. 14-21st of August 2004(swimming), in Athens.
The short course World Championships are Oct. 7-11th, 2004 in Indianapolis. The team for this will be picked of our Olympic Trials. Jan. 6-9th, 2005 will be the Pan Pacific Junior Championships in Maui, Hawaii.
Spring Nationals will be April 1-6, 2005 - site to be determined. This will be the World Championships, and World University Games selection meet. (LCM)
July 5 - 15th, 2005 will be the World University Games in Izmic, Turkey (LCM).
July 17-31st, 2005 will be the World Championships in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (LCM).
August 2-6th, 2005 will be the Conoco Phillips National Championships - site to be determined.

Sid Cassidy said that there will be three meets in Ft. Myers next year. June 2 - 5K, June 4 - 10K, and June 6 - 25K. (2004). Swimmers will be picked for The World Championships in October off of these meets. In the 10K and 25K the top 2 men and women will qualify. In the 5K, the top male and female will qualify, plus the 1st place finisher in the 800 M. for women, and the 1500 M for men from the Olympic trials. A camp will precede these meets. May 31 - June 4, 2004 in Ft. Myers. Qualifiers for camp will be the fastest 1500 M. swimmers from all the Sectional Meets. October 19-24th, 2004 will be the Fina World Open Water Championships in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

They will hold a meeting Jan. 23-24, 2004 and would like to get all adapted chairs to the meeting.

They had 700 swimmers from across the U.S. apply. They would like more swimmers to apply. There were approximately 400 females, and 200 males. The forms are on the internet.

Mike Seip said they were quiet this year. They sponsored a pool design forum. The new programs will be coming along this year after the new budget passed. The info booklet was available on the internet before convention and was available at convention.

They held a meeting this past year. They had lots of people attend, and had good positive input. Lots of good things happened.

Eric Fucito said they held a Safety Training Challenge Course and CPR course at convention and everyone passed. He said they have updated the safety manual which includes a club safety manual. USA Swimming is now an authorized provider for the Red Cross.

The selection of the site for the Spring 2005 Zone Meet will be postponed until the spring meeting.

Technical Planning Task Force for Zone Meets is as follows: George Breen-MA, Chad Craddock-MD, Ray Grant-NE, Greg York-PV, Sharon Power-ME, and JoAnn Faucett-AD.

The Eastern Zone Service Award for 2003 was awarded to Dave Carson.

Greg Eggert- New Jersey Greg made an announcement that the following people - non swimmers - from the Zone represented the country at International events this year. Diane Limerick, Dave Ferris, Dick Shoulberg, Brian Gordon, Sid Cassidy, Frank Ching, Jim Wood, Carol Zaleski . Dan DeMarco - Open Water, and Travis Mohr- Adapted Worlds, represented the zone in swimming events. We also had numerous swimmers in Barcelona and Korea.

Awards won by Eastern Zone people at the annual awards banquet in San Diego.
Phillips Performance of the Year Award - Michael Phelps
Adapted Swimmer of the Year Award - Travis Mohr
Ken Pettigrew Award - Carol Zaleski
USA Swimmer of the year award - Michael Phelps
USA Swimming Award - Jim Wood
ASCA Coach of the Year Award - Bob Bowman
ASCA Developmental Coach of the Year Award - Rick Curl
Doc Counsilman Coach of the Year Award - Bob Bowman

Congratulations to all of you!!!

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Isabelle Fraser
Eastern Zone - Secretary-Treasurer

Financial Statement as of Oct. 7, 2003
We have $1067.01 in the bank.
The four LSC's that owe: Please send dues to: Isabelle Fraser, 24292 Buckingham Way, Port Charlotte, Fl. 33980-5519 - the check should be made out to Isabelle Fraser

Attendance sheets are attached. Attendance-Thursday - September 11, 2003
AD - Jo Ann Faucett, John Ogden, Annie Hillman, Sarah Yan
AM - Pete Gannon, Amanda Gannon-Ath., Tyler Scheid, Jamy Pfister, Pete Barry, Mike Bowman
CT - Leanne Spletzer, Clark Cooper, Brian Gordon, Jeff Allen, Bill Krumm, Ellen Johnston, Margaret Donofrio, Susan Lecza
MD - John Ferrari, Chris Pulley, Pat Kaplan, Kim Easterday, Travis Mohr, Chuck Jacobs, Jamie Cahn, Davie Collier, Chad Cradock
ME - Sharon Power, Linda McCann, Bonne Alcaide, Anne Marie Rand
MR - Christian Robledo-Ath., Ryan Emanuel-Ath., Bea Hartigan, Ray D'Annolfo, Gil Smith, Mary Fleckenstein, Ginny Nussbau, Dave Ferris
MA - Tom Devine, Dale Petranech, Cherita Gentilucci, Patric Mills, Dick Shoulberg, Fred Killian, John Larson, Kip Hein, Mike Seip, Sid Cassidy, John Carroll, George Breen
NE - Ray Grant, Amy Parratto, Caitlin Grant-Ath., Bruce Mohl, Priscilla Davis, Dottie Daniels, Frank Ching, Pam Warner
NJ - Ed Dellert, Stephanie Crofton, Jim Sheehan, Eric Fucito, Jim Wood, Greg Eggert, Rob Kirschbrown, Jon Siegel, Kevin Devine, Christine Bell
NI - Andy Lehner, Marci Callan, Barbara Paradis, Jim Bowen, Frances Klier, Sue Gustafson, Jim Gustafson, Jon Roberts, Tom Nowakowski
PV - Don Riedlinger, Boots Hall, Jim Garner, John Hirschmann, John Ertter, Ron Whalen, Carrie Tupper, Arvydas Barzdukas, Ethan Bassett, Ward Foley, Bill Marlin, Bill Stephens, Greg York, Jim Van Erden, Sumie Emory
VA - George Homewood, Diana Hurst, Lauren Fraley, Mary Turner, George Massey, David Henderson, Walter Smith, Terry Randolph, Chuck Swanson
Zone Directors - Dave Carson, Kerry Ellett . Secretary Treasurer - Isabelle Fraser
Ex officio - Carol Zaleski
Sports Development Coordinator for the Eastern Zone - Sue Pitt Anderson

Attendance - Friday - September 12, 2003
AD - Jo Ann Faucett, John Ogden, Annie Hillman, Sarah Yan
AM - Mike Bowman, Pete Barry, Jamy Pfister, Pete Gannon, Amanda Gannon-Ath., Carol Zaleski, Tyler Scheid
CT - Leanne Spletzer, Clark Cooper, Bill Krumm, Jeff Allen, Sue Lecza, Ellen Johnston, Margaret Donofrio, Brian Gordon
MD - John Ferrari, Pat Kaplan, Kim Easterday, A.B. Iler-athl., Maria Iler, Chris Pulley, Chuck Jacobs, David Collier, Travis Mohr, Jamie Cahn
ME - Bonnie Alcaide, Steve Alcaide, Linda McCann, Anne Marie Rand, Sharon Power
MR - Ray D'Annolfo, Gil Smith, Bea Hartigan, Ginny Nussbaum, Mary Fleckenstein, Ryan Emanuel, Christian Robledo
MA - Sid Cassidy, Jon Larson, John Carroll, Patric Close Mills, Tom Devine, Fred Killian, Cherita Gentilucci, Dale Petranech, Mike Seip, George Breen, Kip Hein, Dick Shoulberg NE - Ray Grant, Pam Warner, Priscilla Davis, Dottie Daniels, Cailtin Grant, Amy Parratto, Bruce Mohl, Frank Ching
NJ - Jim Wood, Bud Rimbault, Kevin Devine, Greg Eggert, Jon Siegel, Rob Kirschbrown, Stephanie Crofton, Christine Bell, Eric Fucito, Ed Dellert
NI - Jim Bowen, Frances Klier, Barbara Paradis, Jon Roberts, Andy Lehner, Sue Gustafson, Jim Gustafson, Tom Nowakowski, Marci Callan
PV - John Hirschmann, Boots Hall, Ron Whalen, Jim Garner, Ward Foley, Arvydas Barzdukas, Sumie Emory, Bill Stephens, Don Riedlinger, Greg York, John Ertter, Bill Marlin, Ethan Bassett, Jim Van Erden, Linda Klopenstein
VA - George Homewood, George Massey, Walter Smith, Chuck Swanson, Lauren Fraley, Mary Turner, Terry Randolph, Diana Hurst, David Henderson, Louise Limerick
Zone Directors - Dave Carson, Kerry Ellett . Secretary Treasurer - Isabelle Fraser
Sports Development Coordinator for the Eastern Zone - Sue Pitt Anderson