Eastern Zone Swimming

AS APPROVED at the September 2006 Eastern Zone Meeting

Richmond, VA
May 13, 2006

The meeting was called to order at 9:33 am by Pete Gannon, Zone Director. Pete thanked Virginia Swimming and George Homewood for hosting the meeting.

Attendance sheets were passed.

Financial Reports distributed.

Ed Dellert was not in attendance, as his mother passed away last week. A moment of silence was held.

A motion to approve the agenda was made, seconded and approved by all.

Pete introduced guests to the meeting: Jeff Gudman, National Administrative Vice President from USA Swimming; Ira Klein, Eastern Zone Sports Development Consultant; Tom Avischious, Program and Service Director, USA Swimming. Tom introduced newly hired John Cruzat, USA Swimming Diversity Coordinator. John thanked the Eastern Zone for the warm welcome and said that USA Swimming is on the right path with diversity in swimming. He spoke about the visits he had made in parts of the EZ the past week and the importance to swimming to be as inclusive as possible in seeking and retaining athletes.

The minutes of the September 2005 meeting held at the annual USA-S convention were accepted and approved.

The financial report that was distributed was accepted and approved.

Report from Zone Directors:

  1. USA Swimming has selected a company to do the background checks. USA Swimming Board of Directors will partake in the initial pilot program. Should begin any day - more info at convention.
  2. Bryan Jones, Athlete VP, Athlete Executive Committee (AEC), completed revisions to the Athlete Policy Manual. These revisions were presented and approved by National. At convention, there will be a 5:00pm curfew at the nearby mall - anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult to enter the mall near the convention. (Robbie later reported they are still trying to make alternative arrangements.)
  3. LSC financial reporting - some LSCs are missing parts of their financial reports to USA Swimming. Pete discussed with the General Chairs at the breakfast meeting. Reports should be sent to Jim Harvey, Treasurer at USA Swimming.
  4. USA Swimming Policy Handbook is posted on the USA Swimming website.
  5. USA Swimming flume (now deactivated) building in Colorado will be undergoing renovations for use as office space.
  6. Mark Shubert was hired as National Team, Head Coach/General Manager. Lindsay Benko Mantico was hired as his operational assistant.
  7. John Cruzat hired as new Diversity Coordinator.
  8. The International Swimming Hall of Fame is in disrepair. They have asked USA Swimming for help. Task force formed to decide the best way to help. The memorabilia is deteriorating and some may be lost. New board at the HOF already making improvements.
  9. YMCA will be using "wet rule" portion of the USA Swimming rule book beginning September 1,2006.

Jeff Gudman made a presentation on what LSC should a new club be registered in. There are 3 criteria to consider:

  1. The location of the pool in which the club is initially planning to practice in.
  2. The residential location of a majority of the athletes expected to register.
  3. The LSC it is in the best interest of the club to be registered. If different than #1-2 - then provide an explanation.

Jeff then explained the process to follow when there is a problem.

John Ferrari had no report from the Meet Coordination Committee.

Jamy Pfister provided the Official's Chair Report.

  1. Within the EZ, there are 662 National Officials, 196 National Referees, 100 National Championship Officials, and 14 National Championship Referees. Jamy states that we need to get more National Championship Referee status and she will be working on that at this summers Super Sectionals.
  2. .
    • The Eastern Zone Pin account has been closed. Jamy provided a financial statement closing the 2 year accounting for the Eastern Zone pins. LSCs were refunded money if it was due. Pin will need to be redesigned if we are going to do again.
    • .
      • Jamy presented a form for fine incurred at Sectional meets. It states where and to whom the fines should be sent, and what the fines are for. Report from the North Sectional meet was sent to the board members.
      • Jamy thanked John Hirschmann for getting information on website in such a timely manner.

Ira Klein and Tom Avischious presented some of the new programs from USA Swimming. Flyers were available to each LSC.

  1. A matrix of Field Service Roles and Communication for USA Swimming. Explains what the role and goals of the Sports Development Consultant, Sports Performance Consultant (there are 2 now - will be 3 by September), Master Coach (There are 4 now who make 10-20 visits and spend approx 3 days with the club) and Facilities Departments.
  2. IMX program is growing. Several zone camps are selected by these power points. All swimmers can see how they rate on this program.
  3. Virtual Club Championship - anyone can use
  4. Club Recognition Program - a new program soon to be released. This will take work from clubs to achieve one of the 4 levels. Must complete one level before going on to the next. There are 4 components: parents/coach/business/athlete. Clubs are not required to participate.
  5. MY USA Swimming page - available to all - create own page and have your info come up on it.
  6. New program - Seasonal Program Designer - - a $60 program to help plan your swim season.
  7. Tom presented another new program available soon: Successful Sports Parenting CD. It is an interactive CD that contains non-sport specific information for Coaches/Parents/Administrative sections. It covers many subjects. It will be available for $40 retail. There will be a $20 coupon in Splash Magazine and clubs will be able to purchase quantities for approx $15. 1 copy will be sent to every club and to every LSC office. This program is due out in the next 2-3 weeks.

Technical Planning - John Hirschmann

Meeting on Friday night - lots of topics discussed and many recommendations made.

  1. Short Course Zones
    1. .
      • Changes in order of events: previously numbered events 111-116 (200 fly/100 fly for 11-12) reversed in order of swim with events 105-110 (100 free/50 free for 11-12) - in both prelims and finals. This motion was seconded and approved by the body.
      • Addition of the 200 Medley relay to the Short Course Zone Meet for 13/14 and 15/18. This will be the last event on Friday evening. The 200 freestyle relays will be the first event on Friday for 11/12, 13/14,15/18. (11/12 200 med relay will remain as last event Sat evening). This was seconded and approved by the body.
      • A motion was made and seconded to remove 15-18 from the EZ Meet - discussion followed. The motion failed by roll call vote of 15 yes, 21 no.
      • .
        • There will be qualifying times set for all age groups, allowing the LSC to potentially bring more than 2 swimmers per event. Additional swimmers can be added provided they all achieve the qualifying time. Qualifying times will be based on the faster of the 8th place in prelims or last place in finals of the previous year for 10 & under, 11/12,13/14. Qualifying times for 15/18 will be based on an analysis of how above QT's for other age groups compare to T16 Reportable times. Current rule allowing each LSC to enter 2 swimmers in each individual event regardless of entry time remains. NFT rule and national meet participation rules remain in effect. Long discussion following motion. Motion was seconded and approved by roll call vote of 22 yes, 14 no.
  2. Long Course Zones - No changes discussed nor adopted.
  3. Spring Sectionals - The following changes were approved by the body:
    1. Spring Sectionals in 2008 (both North and South Region) will be a Long Course Meter Meet due to Olympic Year.
    2. Each Section was granted to authority to set their own time standards starting in March 2007. North tightened the standards; South did not change from the 2006 meet.
    3. Each Section has the option of 2 bonus rules: 1. previous rule - 1 qual time gets you one bonus - 2 or mare gets you 2) or 2. new rule - 1 qual time gets you 1 bonus; 2 gets you 2, 3 gets 1; 4 or more gets 0. (North subsequently decided it will adopt new rule and South decided it would keep the previous rule.)
    4. Each Section may adopt one of two rules regarding swimming relays on Sunday ("Sunday Relay Rule") - 1. retain current rule where fastest 16 (2 heats) swim in finals OR: 2. New rule - each relay team must declare by Saturday check-in time whether they want an AM or PM swim. Up to 16 relays (based on time) will be permitted to swim in PM. All wishing to swim in prelims may do so. (Both North and South subsequently elected to follow the new rule.)
  4. Summer Sectionals
    1. Supersectionals will also adopt the new Sunday Relay Rule effective July 2006.
    2. Time standards for Summer 2007 will be set based on the following objectives:
      50's and 100's - 10 heats
      200's and 400's - 8 heats
      800's and 1500's - 6/7 heats

      Approx 70% of swims will be conforming time (LCM) 30 % from non-conforming (SCM - SCY) SCM QT's will be consistent with LCM after adjusting for additional turns.
  5. Sectional Records - Eastern Zone Sectional Records will be established with attempts to recognize all swim back to 2001. There will be separate LC and SC records. No separate records will be kept by section. March 2004 (and 2008) LC Sectional Meets will be considered for LC records.
  6. The body approved the request not to fine the 2 swimmers who finished prelims in 31st and 35th place and who got scratched into finals at the South Spring sectionals and did not swim. Attempts to notify them that they had been scratched into finals were not successful.
  7. The following meet schedule/sites were awarded by acclimation:

March 8-11, 2007
Eastern Zone Northern Sectional
Blodgett Pool Harvard Univ Cambridge MA
Sponsored by Mass Bay Marlins (NE Swimming)

March 15-18, 2007
Eastern Zone Southern Sectional
Germantown Aquatic Center, Boyds MD
Sponsored by RMSC (PV Swimming)

March 29-31, 2007
Eastern Zone Age Group SC Championships
Erie County Community College
Buffalo, NY
Sponsored by STAR Swimming (NI Swimming)

Previously Awarded Meets (September 2005)

Eastern Zone Supersectional (LC)
July 19-22, 2007
St Mary's College St Mary's City, MD
Sponsored by CBAC (MD Swimming)

Eastern Zone Age Group LC Championships
August 8-11, 2007
Erie Community College and Univ of Buffalo
Sponsored by STAR Swimming (NI Swimming)

Robby Fischetti, Athlete Representative, reported on Athlete Executive Committee meeting. The 5:00 pm curfew at the mall for convention was discussed and the AEC will look into it - including whether any kind of exception can be arranged. Mark Shubert and Lindsay Benko Mintenko were named National Team Coaches. They discussed the FINA requirement of wearing caps with sponsors at FINA Championship Meets. Would like to see more athlete involvement from all LSCs. AEC is looking to have more athletes attend their meetings. Spring Championships was good - 700 athletes - time standards will remain the same for 2007. Would like to see better music and other activities for athletes at the championship meets.

Greg Eggert reported on The International Swimming Hall of Fame - it is in poor condition but would like to point out some positives: New management, drawing on swimmers to help on the board. Swimmers are the bulk of the inductees, which also includes Synchronized Swimming, Water Polo, and Diving. Tom Dolan, a former EZ swimmer is being recognized. Greg also stated that Sid Cassidy is now the chair for the Open Water 10 K - a new Olympic Event!

Policy Manual Task Force -, Cherita Gentilucci, Fred Killian, JoAnn Faucett, Ellen Johnston, Isabelle Fraser and John Hirschmann were given the task last September of consolidating and updating the Eastern Zone Manual - which included approx 15 documents.

Fred Killian reported and presented the work done so far - Housekeeping was a major part - cleaning up the documents. Substantive entries are the items added because they are the way we have done things and needed to be put in writing. They removed the requirement to have a separate warmdown pool for championship meets, but must build in breaks. Added Swimmers with Disabilities section.

Phase II will now be started - sectional meet section will be expanded, as will the section on officers and responsibilities. Newly approved sectional records will be added.

Pete asked for he House for endorsement for the work done so far, and for Phase II to begin. The body approved this endorsement.

There was no unfinished business.

Pete announced that Isabelle Fraser - long time Secretary/Treasure would not be seeking re-election. Pete thanked her for all her work.

Nominations were made for the following positions up for election at the September annual meeting:

Dave Ferris - Zone Director - coach
Ed Dellert - Zone Director - coach
Robby Fischetti - Athlete Representative
Mary Fleckenstein - Secretary/Treasurer


National elections also coming up -

Jim Wood is running for President
Jeff Gudman is running for President


Jim Wood reported on National Committees:


  • There will be a proposal that the SC Senior National Meet be held the second weekend in December, taking the place of the US Open. Expected to start in December 2007.
  • ·
    • They are looking into giving more flexibility in scheduling Sectional Meets. Some want to be able to hold LC sectional later than now permitted.
    • ·
      • Open Water 10K is now an Olympic Event - the criteria for making one of 25 men/25 women:
      • Open Championship in Seville, Spain - Top 10 men/women - only place to qualify 2 from your country.
      • At one of the 5 Continental Championship - winners will go
      • Open Water Test in Beijing - 9 more selected
      • USA Swimming now addressing how it will select its athletes to be entered into the above events. ·
      • Age Group Development is doing a great job. New programs being developed. Conference calls are being conducted every 2 months with Age Group Chairs. All LSC are encouraged to take part and be involved.

      Bill Stephens reported that Water Works will be hosting a workshop at convention - this committee's work will be absorbed by another committee following convention.

      New Business:

      The 2007 May meeting was awarded to Maine by acclimation. The exact date will be determined after the National Board of Director's sets their schedule. It will be either May 5th or 12th, 2007. May 5th is the preferred date unless that becomes the weekend of the USA-S B of D meeting.

      An LSC Code of Conduct was discussed at length. The Eastern Zone already has a code of conduct in place, as does US Swimming. Discussion on incidents happening at Zone Meets - the problem seems to be that the incidents are not being reported to Meet Director and/or Meet Referee. Meet Referee can immediately remove an athlete from the meet. Meet jury is in place to hear appeals, protests and problems on any issues. Ira Klein stated that the Amateur Sports laws give athletes the right to compete - can we deny them that right - Athlete could say they didn't know the rule. If they sign a LSC code of conduct - do they need an LSC review board. Bea Hartigan stated that the USA Swimming code of conduct applies to all members of USA Swimming. There are provisions for emergency review boards at championship meets if the incident involves more than 2 LSCs. Jim Wood suggests contacting Wells O'Brien - USA Swimming legal counsel, for advice. If a referee removes a swimmer form the meet - the swimmer must be offered a chance to appeal to the meet jury. There are separate matters to be addressed such as if an athlete is removed from the meet - can their LSC send them home early - also how to deal with incidents that may occur away from meet site - eg meet hotel, on team bus, etc.

      It is extremely important to report all incidents to the meet director and /or referee.

      LSCs should be sure they have a Conflict of Interest statement signed by board members. It is reported that the IRS will be looking into this closely.

      Motion was made to adjourn at 2:52 pm - all in favor.

      Respectfully submitted,

      Mary Fleckenstein
      (For Isabelle Fraser)


      Attendance for General meeting:

      AD: Kim Crounse, JoAnn Faucett, Jerry Adams
      AM: Stan Stefanski, Pete Barry, Jamy Pfister
      CT: Bill Krumm, Eryn Crane, Kayleigh Boucher, Haley Smith
      ME: Chris Branch, Star Perkins
      MD: John Ferrari, John Burke
      MR: Mary Fleckenstein, Dave Ferris, Robert Vializ, Bea Hartigan, Barry Roffer, Paul Furbeck, Steffi Neissl
      MA: George Breen, Kip Hein, Fred Killian
      NE: Laura Matuszak
      NI: Barbara Paradis, Kendra Bush, Deborah Burke, Marci Callan
      NJ: Greg Eggert, Jim Wood, Jon Siegel, Stephanie Crofton, Jordan Crosby, Roger Ridenoor
      PV: Jim Garner, Linda Klopfenstein, Greg York, Ronald Whalen, Bill Stephens, Dan Jacobs, Paris Jacobs, John Ertter, Mary Beth (Boots) Hall, Frani Hess
      VA: George Homewood, Jessica Simons, Robbie Fischetti, Walter Smith, Bill Geiszler, Mary Scott Garrett, James Wolfle, Peter Maloney, Michael Downs, Stu Faux

      USA Swimming: Ira Klein, Tom Avischious, Jeff Gudman, John Cruzat
      Zone/AM: Peter Gannon
      Zone/ PV John Hirschmann