Eastern Zone Swimming

AS APPROVED at the September 2007 Eastern Zone Meeting

Portland, ME
May 12, 2007

The meeting was called to order at 10.05 by Pete Gannon and Ed Dellert, Zone Directors. Pete thanked Maine Swimming and Chris Branch for hosting the event.

Attendance Sheets were passed. In attendance were the following:

Adirondack: Jerry Adams, JoAnne Faucett, Kim Crounse
Allegheny Mountain: Pete Gannon, Pete Barry, Jamy Pfister
Connecticut: Dan Zeek, Haley Smith (athlete)
Maine: Laura Branch, Chris Branch, Emily Lewandowski (athlete), Sharon Powers
Maryland: Chuck Jacobs, Sheryl Lepisto
Metropolitan: Mary Fleckenstein, Barry Roffer, Monique Grayson, Paul Furbeck. Bob Vializ
Middle Atlantic: Patric Close Mills, George T. Breen
New England: Laura Matuszak, Ray Grant
New Jersey: Kip Hein, Ed Dellert, Stephanie Crofton, Roger Ridenour, Jim Wood, Greg Eggert
Niagara: Kendra Bush, Deborah Burke, Marci Callan
Potomac Valley: Paris Jacobs, Bill Stephens, Jim Garner, Dan Jacobs, Bill Marlin, Don Riedlinger, John Hirschmann, Boots Hall, Linda Klopfenstein
Virginia: James Wolfle

A motion to approve the Agenda was made, seconded and approved by all.

The minutes of the September 2006 meeting held at the annual USA-S convention were accepted and approved.

The Financial Report was distributed, accepted and approved.

Report from Zone Directors.

New audio visual conference room ready in Colorado Springs. The movie "Pride" was released and has been well received. New sponsorships for USA-S were announced.

Trial run will be set up to see how underwater cameras to officiate swimming should be used. Testing will be done at Summer Nationals. 28 cameras would be set up to see what is the best way to use the cameras. USA-S will offer our experience to FINA so that if FINA votes to use them, there would be some experience base as basis to recommend the best way to use them.

Olympic trials tickets will go on sale May 24.

There is a new sponsorship with Toyota for Grand Prix meats.

Background screening coming along. Last of 5 areas (western LSC's) to start on May 14.

Zone directors not happy with decision process that led to Mecklenburg as the choice as the Center of Excellence.

Diversity training being set up in Atlanta.

Masters has presented proposal to USA-S to run joint meets of Masters and Age Group. There are both logistics issues as well as potential insurance issues. Some small LSCs have trouble filling the time they must rent at a pool for meets. The addition of the Masters swimmers would give them flexibility. Wood said he is taking steps to expedite a decision on this matter.

NCAA has approached USA-S about using our database system for times. It is expected to be used next season by at least NCAA Division I teams. Future expansion in subsequent years is possible to both NCAA Division II and III and to Y competition.

Possibility of new Swimming website. All types of swimming not just USA-S. 18-34 year olds, where are they going? Internet sports network in combination with Wasserman Media Group. Partnership with Media Group is to get contact with the generation that uses the internet as their main way to get information. Estimated roll out date uncertain - but goal is have it prior to USA-S Olympic Trails in 2008..

2007 Golden Goggles in November in California again and then move back to NY for 2008 and 2009.

General Chairman in their meeting prior to general zone meeting discussed general problem of reduced pool availability. For example, Brown University closing its facility to swim meets. West Point going out of meet business. Long Island, both LC pools being closed at same time for repair. Suggestion: come up with ideas for more basic pools. Don't put all eggs in college basket because colleges are backing away from renting out pools or charging exorbitant rates.

Report from the Meet Coordination Committee

Report of the Southern Zone Sectional was given by Jim Garner. Went well in new pool (Germantown, Md.)

Chuck Jacobs gave a short update on the Super Sectional for this summer. Lodging is available at St. Mary's College. Meet announcement will be going out soon. Water craft will be available for use by athletes, etc, when not competing. For information check the Zone website for a link to the meet information.

Report from the Officials Chair

On-line officials test reactivation delayed one extra week until the third week in May. Remind test takers to use the 2007 Rule Book. New Stroke & Turn DVD available now from National. Narration updated. Check the website for details. Starter DVD not yet ready for prime time. When ready will contain examples from various types of competition - beginner to elite - to give starters insight into how to handle situations likely to occur at various types of meets.

List of current available evaluators given out-2 per LSC. LSC's provided them to use in identifying officials to use when seeking persons desiring observation when seeking N2 or N3 certification.

Report from Technical Planning - John Hirschmann

Meeting on Friday evening. Last September, we awarded 4 out of 5 meets . Still need bids for short course zones. Tabled item until after lunch. No bid received. Bid window extended. Inform zone directors and John Hirschmann if wish to bid. Zone Directors will now award upon receipt of bid after consultation with EZ General Chairs.

Spring 2008 Sectional meets are long course rather than short course since Olympic year Even though LC, meets will still be a 3 ½ day program. This is being done in recognition meet will be occurring during the school year.

Since USA Swimming will not be offering a championship meet in Spring 2009, Sectionals could no longer be part of a progression in a process to a faster meet. Therefore, Technical made Zone aware that it would welcome receiving bids to hold Sectionals on dates later than they have historically been. Zone was also advised that since meets for Spring 2008 were previously awarded, the dates of Sectionals in 2008 could no longer be changed.

Change in Policy: Zone policy has been an athlete can't go to Zones if swimmer has faster time than allowed prior to meet entry deadline. Zone voted to modify rule so athlete will still be allowed to attend meet if the faster time is achieved after the Sunday prior to the entry deadline for zones - both SC and LC.

Zone manual will now read as follows: "SC and LC - athletes 13 years of age and over who have achieved a qualifying times in an individual event for any of the above meets (see F.5d) prior to the Monday preceding the entry deadline for the EZ meet, may not enter and compete in an EZ AG Championship meet." (additional words added are in BOLDApproved.

Relay changes (order of events) for LC Zones. 10 and under (only) changes: Wednesday: 400-free relay; Thursday: 200-medley relay; Friday: 200-Free Relay; and Saturday 400-Medley Relay. Objective was to make time line of various sessions on the four days more equal. No other changes in Order of Events were made. Motion made and seconded to make change. Approved.

Zone was advised that proposal to only have LCM NFT times apply for LC Zone meet and only have SCY NFT times (subsequently amended at Technical to also include SCM) apply to SC Zone meet was not recommended by Technical. Rule on actual attendance at designated meets would not have been impacted by this proposal. EZ concurred with not accepting this proposed change.

Technical had made recommendation to zone (based on 6-3 vote) to make standards and other technical rules of the meet (e.g., bonus rule) the same for North and South Spring Sectional. Discussed. Returned to question now on balance between Southern and Northern Meets. Order of events, qualifying times and bonus rules now recommended to be the same. Why are athletes in the southern part of the zone not attending Sectional Meets? Tabled discussion.

Vote tabled until after lunch Vote taken after lunch. Motion was Defeated.

Zone was advised that Technical in response to request for clarification advised that once a swimmer goes to national level meet that makes you ineligible for zones, an athlete cannot return to zone because their times are now slower and their eligibility period to attend national level meets has expired.

Question from floor. With no Spring National, will Zone Sectional meets be restricted to Zone only? Something for the zone to think about. Two deadlines are possible. One for in-Zone teams, then only if there is room would out of Zone teams could entries be accepted. Some Zones have different cut off entry times. Faster for out of zone entries. May also wish to consider baring out of zone athletes. To be voted on in September.

The zone meeting was adjourned for lunch 12 to 1:15.

Technical continued:

Proposal to allow swimmer who achieve faster time than maximum qualifying time between Monday prior to meet entry deadline and first day of meet would be taken out of that event in zone, allowed to swim others events already entered. Defeated

Jim Wood proposed that the zone consider moving summer sectional to August. The zone agreed to do a survey to determine if it was practical or desirable - i.e., identify interest and support such a change would receive..

Proposal for technical committee to consider. Allow non conforming times (creating short course standards for entry into long course zones) Straw poll shows majority in favor. (possible to use Hy-tek convergence). It was pointed that that require LCM QT's to be tightened to keep meet at approximately the same size. Possibility to offer tighter short course standards was then proposed

Report from the Eastern Zone Athlete Representatives Haylie Smith.

Trying to come up with ideas for outreach. If any of the athletes in the zone have ideas of how to increase athlete, please contact her.

Report from National Committees

Governance. Bill Stephens: Issues: Governance ideas came from USOC. They would like us to get rid of the HOD. Look at outside (independent directors.) 20 percent athlete participation. Jim Wood: He will have to report back to USOC why USA-S is accepting only some of the suggestions that USA-S accept their model of governance.

Greg Eggert: International Swimming Hall of Fame. Recognizing honorees. $25 to $50 million renaissance being done around that area including new 50 meter pools. Suggesting LSC support. Web site = www.ISHOF.org.

Jim Wood. USA Swimming Foundation. Soliciting capital contributions. Case for Giving. Frustration of paraOlympians of getting records to count when they swim at USA-S meets. The problem is lack of evaluators. Proposals are being made to recognize permanence of disability and therefore no need to evaluate at all meets and/or if evaluated at two different dates as disabled - can infer also disabled at all interim dates. General Chairs meeting in Omaha. Will be held next weekend. Attendees wiill see how the venue for trials will be set up. They will consider ways National can help LSCs. There has not been a Senior Chair meeting. One is going to be set up. Marketing: Oct 4 marketing seminar is a two-day program in Colorado Springs. Chuck Wieglaus has been picked to address the UN on diversity.

The 2008 May meeting was awarded to Potomac Valley. It is still unknown whether the USA-S Board of Directors meeting would be April 26-27 or May 3-4. If is later determined to be April 26-27, Zone will try to move the meeting off the Mother's Day weekend to the prior weekend.

Motion was made to adjourn at 2:20

Respectfully submitted:

Marie-Beth (Boots) Hall
USA Swimming: Eastern Zone