Eastern Zone Swimming

12/18/14 - Updated Qualifying Times for 2015 Speedo Champions Series Spring Sectional Meets (SC & LC) and LC "Super Sectional" Meet

12/8/14 - Draft Minutes of the Eastern Zone Meeting and the Technical Planning Chair's Report, September 18, 2014

11/19/14 - Qualifying Times for 2015 Long Course Senior Zone Championship

11/7/14 - Meet Announcement and Event File for 2015 IM Extreme Games-NE, January 30-February 1, 2015, College Park, MD

10/22/14 - Qualifying Times for 2015 Speedo Championship Series, LC "Super Sectional" Meet

10/13/14 - Updated Zone By-Laws and Proposed Amendments to EZ By-Laws and Policy Manual

10/13/14 - Zone Board of Review Policies and Policies

8/18/14 - Zone Age Group Championship LC Records have been updated. Send any corrections to Isabelle Fraser

8/11/14 - Meet Results for 2014 Long Course Age Group Championship, August 6-9, 2014

8/4/14 - Qualifying Times for 2015 Speedo Championship Series, Spring Sectional Meets (SC & LC)

7/28/14 - Meet Results for 2014 Speedo Championship Series Long Course "Super Sectional", July 24-27, 2014

7/6/14 - Meet Results for 2014 Zone Open Water Meet, June 7, 2014, Lake Anna, VA

Eastern Zone
Paris Jacobs
Director Non-Coach

Ed Dellert
Director Coach

Mary Turner

Tristan Formon
Technical Chairman

Ty Seymour
Athlete Representative

Miriam Lynch
Diversity & Inclusion Chair
Bob Vincent
Officials Chair
Bud Rimbault
Zone Championship Chair
Adam Zaczkowski
Age Group Rep Coach

Tim Husson
Peter Clark
EZ Sport Dev Consultant
The mission of the Eastern Zone is:
To develop a unified organization designed to work in cooperation with the LSCs to support and promote the Eastern Zone Swimming Membership.

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